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Biotech - 100 % Organic Concentrate Degreaser

Biotech - 100 % Organic Concentrate Degreaser

An homogeneous mixture of nutrients, surfactants, and emulsifying agents with high solvent capacity that homogenizes and degrades hydrocarbons in any matrix. The formulation comes from plants, fruits and roots.


* Penetrates the soil and sediments, causing complete desorption, emulsifying and degrading hydrocarbons through reactions oxidation/reduction, favoring and accelerating degradation processes in the aqueous phase. * Allows to treat contaminants in equipment, containers storage, in soils, water tables, solid, aqueous and organic matrices.


  •  Harmless to marine 
    and aquatic life. 
  • It is a non-dangerous, 
    non- toxic product, 
    not flammable, not 
    VOC’s, not explosive. 
    It is not absorbed by 
    soil and reduces 
    surface water tension. 
  • Prevents volatilization 
    of VOCs and 
    eliminates organic 
  •  It is a concentrated 
    liquid with a mild odor 
    that does not contain 
     bacterias or enzymes
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