C-TROX / Concrete Remover

C-TROX / Concrete Remover

Product Description


C-TROX is a fast-acting concrete remover for dissolving lime, concrete and mortar residues from concrete mixers, trucks, tiles, trowels used in laying and transporting concrete as well as from surfaces that have been splashed with concrete.


PH LEVEL 1.5 +/- 0.5


Hydrochloric acid mild lavender scent . Dissolves concrete quickly, turning it into a soft paste. Has corrosion inhibitor to prevent attack of bare iron and steel. Also removes rust and hard-water scale. Has a detergent action, so can still work on oily surfaces. C-TROX is based on hydrochloric acid. The acidity in this product dissolves the lime component in concrete, resulting in water-soluble salts that can be washed away.


C-TROX is ideal for use on concrete mixing trucks, portable concrete mixers, floats, trowels, level screeders and concrete pumps. It can be used on plastics and paintwork that is in reasonable condition and it will have little effect on steel, stainless steel and iron. It is excellent for cleaning concrete, splash on sidings, decks, aluminum window frames and foundations. It should not be used on zinc especially at high temperatures.


You can dilute it with water according to the need for removal of concrete, lime, cleaning of tiles and other areas.