NBL 4 in 1 / Penetrant , Lubricant

NBL 4 in 1 / Penetrant , Lubricant

Penetrant, Demoisturant, Lubricant, & Rust Preventative eliminates moisture when sprayed on electrical parts. Penetrating action frees up nuts and bolts due to rust or corrosion. Instantly stops squeaks in hinges and metal-to-metal contact areas. 


  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Conductive 39,000 V
  • Quickly Penetrates Rust
  • Displaces Moisture
  • Prevents Corrosion


15 oz. Aerosol 12 Per Case 

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    You have ten days after the delivery date to process a return. The product must be damaged to be eligible for return.  Damaged means that the product does not come out of the aerosol due to some damage. There are no returns if the product is in perfect condition. This means that the product comes out of the spray nozzle as intended. If aerosol damage applies to your return, a return of the payment received will be processed. LTC Products pays the cost of collecting the product and shipping it to our offices in these circumstances. A copy of the receipt of payment is required. Contact us using our website to process a return or call us directly.